Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Morning breaks away from us,
The sun's brow - first light's seen.
Her journey will be much like ours:
From gloom to glory, with struggle in between.

At first she travels slowly,
Shaking off the night's last space,
As we through clouds watch, hoping
In her glow our own steps to trace.

But shucking aside horizon's darkness,
The trials of night's long journey,
She rises out of history's burden,
And sets her face on beauty.

And we who sit beside the lighthouse,
Look squinting into the day,
As our own hopes rise before us,
And darkness fades away.

So lightly falls upon us wisdom,
Often cloudy, at back of mind:
He who raised her up this morning,
Will make us, too, shine in time.

I wrote this poem several years ago now. Every new year's morning, my family go before dawn to the lighthouse above lighthouse beach, Port Macquarie. I wrote this about that one year. It's not perfect, but I hope you like it.